SVENSO™ offers 5 Investment Levels

Level I       $1,000

Level II      $10,000

Level III     $25,000

Level IV     $50,000

Level V      $100,000

SVENSO™ Investment Slates are private investment options that produce income and will increase in value over time.  SVENSO™ offers a limited number of Investment Slates in each financial category.  Once all investments slates are filled, new investors are not able to Invest in SVENSO™ until other Investors withdraw from the program.  Investors can register to be next in line once all Investment Slates are full.  SVENSO™ will publish Investment availability and open the SVENSO™ Investment Market once a year, for a period of 30 days, in which Investors will have limited time to Invest, based on availability.

Investment Level I

$ 1,000
10,000 Available Slates

Investment Level II

$ 10,000
1,000 Available Slates

Investment Level III

$ 25,000
400 Available Slates

Investment Level IV

$ 50,000
200 Available Slates

Investment Level V

$ 100,000
100 Available Slates