The SVENSO™ Brand has taken the Complexity of Investing and Simplified the entire process from Initial Seed to Maturity Date, through 2 new systems of investing called (I) GUARANTEED PRINCIPLE INVESTMENT™(GPI), which is not the same as a Principle-Protected Note (PPN) and GROWING PRINCIPLE INVESTMENT™ (GPI2).

Guaranteed Principle Investment (5 Year Term)

The SVENSO™ Guaranteed Principle Investment
is a simple investment slate that allows investors
a risk free investment opportunity that guarantees
you can never lose the Initial Money You Invest.

Maximum 5 Year Term

Growing Principle Investment (up to 20 Years*)

The SVENSO™ Growing Principle Investment
allows investors to continue their Investment
slates for additional 5 year terms, with their
principles growing from the amount of their
Initial Seed to the amount of their ROI at the
maturity of each closing year.
Level I – Maximum 20 Years
Level II – V Maximum 15 Years


All SVENSO™ Investments have a 100% Annual ROI, against the Guaranteed Principle, that does not change or fluctuate during the entire term.

Our Level I investment slate allows you to Invest $1,000 for a maximum 5 year term, for an annual ROI of 100% on your initial investment principle, which simply equates to $1,000 per year for a total ROI of $5,000, which means you will withdraw $6,000 on your Maturity Date.

If you opt to continue your investment slate in our Growing Principle Investment, your principle grows from $1,000 to $6,000 for another 5 year term.